Top 10 Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers You Can Buy in 2017 / 2018


MP3 players are long dead since smartphones are now used for pretty much anything including listening to music. Due to the way we use our smartphones they can easily be used as an audio source for various sound systems. The most convenient out of all of them are Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth speakers usually offer multiple options in terms of connectivity, but as the sane states, they are mainly meant to be used as wireless speakers. Connecting a pair of speakers to a smartphone to enjoy music without the use of any cables makes things so much easier. Also, it enables freedom for the user as the smartphone is independent of the speakers as long as it is within the range.

Best Bluetooth Speakers 2017

One thing that is worth thinking about is the fact that Bluetooth has some latency issues. However just for simple music playback it should not be noticeable. Also, Bluetooth technology is sensitive when it comes to interference, but things have improved over the past few years. Bluetooth is more reliable these days which means that Bluetooth speakers should be able to deliver excellent sound quality with barely noticeable latency that will not influence playback. For our list, we selected 10 such models. There are plenty of different Bluetooth speakers, and we rounded up the most popular ones. With no further ado here are the top 10 best Bluetooth speakers in 2017 reviews.

10.APIE Portable Bluetooth Wireless

This Bluetooth wireless speaker is portable and lightweight. It allows you to listen to music with the finest audio quality as it features a Hi-Def stereo sound and clear vocals. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, the music comes out amazing from this speaker. It also has a waterproof feature, which makes it ideal for use during your hike or bike trips. With a built-in mic, this speaker can be used whenever you want to make hands-free phone calls once you connect it to your Smartphone. With a rechargeable battery in the unit, you can enjoy 10 hours of total playtime on a single full charge.

Unfortunately, the sound does not come out of the two sides of the speaker. The phone feature is also not very impressive and lacks the loudness that the media playback offers.


  • Perfect for use indoors or outdoors because of the lightweight, portable, and waterproof quality.
  • Has a built-in microphone for your hands-free phone calls.
  • The battery life is quite long at 10 hours max.


  • The volume when using the speaker for phone calls is not very loud.
  • The sound only comes out of the front of the speaker and not both sides.

9.UE Boom 2 Wireless (Yeti Edition) Speaker

This is an impressive wireless speaker that offers loud, rich and powerful sound in any direction. It has a mud- and water-resistant feature, and you can connect it wirelessly to your device. Made from durable materials, this can take on the beating from harsh external elements. Plus, it integrates with Google Now voice and Siri to make it more convenient when controlling the phone’s settings.

Keep it mind that this unit requires you to use it with the latest software and firmware update. Also, the battery life is not too long, so you will need to have the charger ready.


  • No matter which direction, the audio quality remains rich and impressive.
  • This speaker can resist water splashes and mud without a problem.
  • It can be integrated with the Siri and Google Now Voice.


  • Be sure to get the latest firmware and up-to-date software to ensure the finest performance of the speaker.
  • Some people complain that the battery life is a little on the weak side.

8.Anker SoundCore Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to the audio quality, this speaker will never disappoint as it offers tight and crisp bass and under 1 percent harmonic distortion to maintain the sound clear and precise even when you set the volume on high. The battery life is also amazing, as you can use the speaker continuously for 24 hours to listen to music – just on a single full charge of the battery. With a portable design, this unit is easy to bring with you anywhere you go.

While it claims to provide clear bass, it may not suffice for other who look for a powerful and booming bass for their music. But in general, the sound comes out balanced and satisfactory, yet nothing extraordinary.


  • Harmonic distortion is less than 1 percent to keep the audio clear.
  • Extra long battery life at 24 hours on a full charge.
  • Has a portable and lightweight design.


  • Does not provide the most powerful bass to blow your mind.

7.OontZ Angle 3 Portable Next Gen Bluetooth Speaker

It may seem small, but with 2 precision neodymium speaker drivers, the mids and highs turn out clean and clear. There is also an excellent bass output, thanks to the bass radiator. Even when you play music at a maximum volume setting, the sound comes out free from distortion. Perfect for the pool, office, dorm room, and kitchen, you can rely on this speaker whenever you want to listen to your favorite hits anywhere you may be. Lastly, it is IPX5 water resistant, so there is no damage to the unit even when splashed with water or rained on.

You may notice that the unit shuts down automatically when not used for 15 minutes. Although it is easy to turn it back on, some people find it a bit annoying to deal with.


  • Clear and precise mids and highs.
  • The bass radiator ensures the outstanding bass output.
  • Great for use outdoors as it is IPX5 water-resistant.


  • Automatically shuts down after 15 minutes of not using the speaker when not plugged in.

6.DOSS Touch Bluetooth Version 4.0 Wireless Speaker

With a touch control, you can splash-proof change the setting such as the volume or activate the playback options conveniently. As it comes with the advanced Bluetooth 4.0 version, this allows to auto reconnection to the last device that you used. The total playtime is at 12 hours when the volume is at 75 percent, and you can simply recharge the built-in battery in 3 to 4 hours using the micro USB cable included in the package.

This is not a waterproof speaker, so be careful not to splash it with water. When at the highest volume setting, you may notice that the audio is slightly distorted, so it is best not to place it to the maximum loudness.


  • Comes with a touch-control feature for activating the functions.
  • Auto-reconnecting to the last device used is possible through the Bluetooth 4.0.
  • The battery lasts for 12 hours on a single charge.


  • The speaker is not waterproof.
  • When at the loudest volume setting, the sound becomes a little distorted.

5.JBL Flip 3 Portable Wireless Splashproof Speaker

With a combination of rubber housing and fabric material, this speaker looks stylish, yet durable at the same time. It allows you to connect as much as three smartphones at the same time, and you will love how the audio quality remains clear and loud enough to fill up the room. There is a built-in battery to this speaker, which can provide a total playtime of 10 hours on a full charge. Just a touch of the button is all you need to make hands-free phone calls using this speaker, and you can even cancel the echo and noise in the background without a problem.

This is indeed a good-looking and stylish speaker with a splash-proof quality. However, the build is not solid enough, as compared with other brands in the same price range. Moreover, the bass ports are found on the ends, which others may not like about the design of this speaker.


  • Nice rubber housing that can withstand splashes.
  • Up to 10 hours of maximum playtime on a single full charge of the battery.
  • Can be used for hands-free phone calls.


  • Durable, but not a tank-like build as with other speakers in the similar price range.
  • Some people may not appreciate the fact that there are bass ports on the ends of the speaker.

4.AOMAIS Sport II Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Decent bass, quick Bluetooth pairing with your devices and easy operation, this wireless speaker from AOMAIS is one that you would love to bring along during your trips and outdoor adventures. It is made from durable materials with the IPX7 waterproof rating and dustproof capabilities. At 50 percent volume setting, you can expect this to give you as much as 10 hours of total playtime on a full charge of the battery. There are separate buttons for the skip song and volume control, so you will not get confused when activating these functions. Charging the battery also does not take too long, and it can go as fast as 3 hours.

If what you want is a small, portable speaker that you can fit in your pocket, then this is not the unit you need. It also feels a little heavier than other wireless speakers, and there is no hook or wrist band included.


  • The battery life can go up to 10 hours when the volume is at 50 percent loudness setting.
  • No reason to press either the volume or skip song functions because of the separate buttons for these options.
  • Fast charging of the battery at 3 hours max.


  • A little on the heavy and bulky side.
  • You cannot hang the speaker because there is no hook or wrist band built in it.

3.AOMAIS GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Perfect for use indoors or outdoors, this speaker has a IPX7 waterproof rating that makes it ideal to bring on the beach, camping, hiking, and biking. There is a 60-watt surround sound feature, fast recharging capacity, and an emergency power source to prevent fadeouts to make sure the speaker does not die on you as you listen to your favorite hits. If you have devices without Bluetooth connectivity, you can use the 3.5-mm jack to use the speaker.

It comes with a solid build, yet the speaker cannot stand up well because the bottom is not very stable. So, you have to be careful when positioning the speaker on a high location.


  • Comes with a IPX7 waterproof rating that makes it capable of withstanding tough external elements.
  • Charges fast, so you can continue using it without the long wait.
  • Option to connect the speaker to your device using the 3.5-mm jack, in case there is no Bluetooth connectivity feature.


  • The speaker has an unstable bottom, which makes it a little difficult to position without falling.

2.ARCHEER 25 Watts Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (A320)

You can expect to hear crisp and clear highs and mids on this speaker because of the dual 5-watt drivers, along with a 15-watt subwoofer for that thumping bass quality. As it comes with the Bluetooth 4.0 technology for the connectivity, you can easily connect the speaker to your tablet, smartphone, or any device that is Bluetooth-enabled in just a matter of seconds. At 50 percent volume, the battery should last for 11 hours.

One thing that you may not like about this speaker is the lack of AC adapter when recharging the battery. It only relies on a USB cable, which takes longer to charge.


  • The highs and mids are distinct and clear.
  • Connecting the speaker to your Bluetooth-enabled devices is easy and fast.
  • The battery life is up to 11 hours when the volume is at 50 percent.


  • No AC adapter included to charge the battery.
  • The charging period is not very fast since you only use a USB cable for this.

1.Bose SoundLink Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker II

Small and portable, this wireless speaker from Bose offers rich and clear sound without the extra bulk. You can bring it anywhere you want to listen to music, or even rely on it for phone calls as there is a speakerphone built right into the unit. Bluetooth pairing is efficient as there are voice prompts to guide you every step of the way. Lastly, this speaker looks stylish as it comes in an aluminum casing that is durable and sleek, at the same time.

However, the voice alerts can be confusing at times, which makes this feature not reliable to use. The weight of the speaker is also a little heavy, so it is not too easy to carry along all the time.


  • Stunning casing made from aluminum.
  • Easy and quick Bluetooth pairing to your devices.
  • Comes with a speakerphone for your hands-free phone calls.


  • Confusing voice alerts make this feature slightly difficult to use.
  • A little heavy speaker, considering it is claimed as a portable unit.

Bluetooth speakers are usually portable. There are some models that are a bit larger, but they are also louder. Surprisingly the smaller models are also quite loud. Audio quality is quite decent, and as Bluetooth technology improved over the past couple of generations, playback is now seamless with no interruptions.

It is worth noting that all the models in our list also come with a 3.5 mm jack port. This enables them to be connected using an audio cable to a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Overall all models offer decent sound quality and come with excellent battery packs that enable playback for many hours on a full charge.


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